unexpected adj.
not expected or regarded as
likely to happen

expat noun + adj.
short for expatriate; a person
temporarily or permanently living
outside their native country

I’ve always been filled with wanderlust and the feeling that my roots would never reach down permanently in any one spot — after all, I had moved more than 25 times by the time I was 30 — but I never figured I’d end up an expat. Naturally, that’s precisely what happened.

2018 found me in my mid-30s, newly married, and gearing up for a life lived in 3-4 year increments around the world.

I’m the “trailing spouse” of a U.S. Foreign Service officer and a professional GSD-er in my own right. I signed up for an adventure when I married Joe and that’s exactly what I got…

I hope you’ll enjoy my musings about everyday expat life, thoughts on living intentionally (and frugally), and the chronicles of our adventures near and far.

— Emily

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